Phoebus Software unveils Mortgage Self-Service Portal

Jessica Nangle

March 30, 2020

Phoebus Software Limited (PSL) has launched a digital self-service portal that allows lender’s customers to self-serve on their accounts.

Developed within PSL’s Innovation Hub, the Phoebus Mortgage Self-Service Portal (MSS) has been designed in conjunction with client feedback.

The portal provides a range of functionality including the ability to make payments, view transactions and statements, change direct debit details and order redemption figures.

The solution also provides a mortgage calculator that allows borrowers to look at the effect of making a part-redemption and how that will impact their mortgage term and monthly payments.

PSL is looking at accelerating changes that could reduce call volumes into call centres in the current environment.

The Phoebus solution is initially being offered to PSL’s existing clients, however has been designed to be integrated with any servicing platform via a range of APIs.

They will push borrower information to the self-service portal from the host servicing platform so that the borrower can view it.

Richard Pike (pictured), sales and marketing director at PSL, said: “Our investment in the PSL Innovation Hub has meant that we have a clear focus on the digital solutions that the market requires, both now and in the future.

“PSL’s new MSS product will reduce call volumes in what will undoubtedly be pressurised call centres for the foreseeable future.

“We are also looking to enhance functionality in future phases to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing lending and economic landscape”.

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