Pink starts fraud and quality roadshows

Sarah Davidson

September 17, 2012

The free seminars, which started today, will be held across the country and are aimed specifically at local members. They make up part of Pink’s ongoing training and development programme.

Both lenders and providers will attend the events to explain face to face what changes they have put in place in the past three months and why, and they will help advisers to understand exactly what they are looking for from them.

Mark Graves, director of Pink network, said: “We have developed these seminars to help our members to combat fraud and raise their quality of business even higher.

“Fraud is a problem that is ever present, but knowing how to deal with it effectively is something that you can’t wait for experience to teach you. We’ve not only asked the experts, we’re bringing them along as we know members benefit greatly from hearing this information directly.

“The quality bar is being raised ever higher, so these seminars will help advisers to understand exactly what they need to do to exceed this and get every mortgage case through. The lenders attending the roadshows with us are as passionate about this as we are and will be on hand to help Pink members and answer any questions they might have.”

This is the third round of roadshows that Pink has run for its network this year which complements its bi-weekly cluster meetings where Pink meets with its members on a more localised level, together with the lender’s BDMs, to keep people up to date with changes and enable advisers to share best practice in their peer groups.

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