Pitch 4 Finance to offer free cases for brokers for limited period

Jake Carter

March 5, 2021


Pitch 4 Finance has launched a limited period offer for brokers who register to use the platform ahead of its official launch next month.

All new brokers who register their details on the Pitch 4 Finance website ahead of the platform’s launch in April will be entitled to three free months.

Brokers will be allowed to keep the entire proc fee from the lender on all cases they submit during the limited timeframe.

Pitch 4 Finance helps intermediaries to source the best solutions for their clients in bridging, property development, commercial term loans and complex buy-to-let.

The platform will match cases with lenders on the basis of criteria and enables lenders to pitch for cases by offering terms through the system.

It is currently in the final stages of extensive beta testing and is due to launch in April.

Miranda Khadr, founder of Pitch 4 Finance, said: “Technology is the only way forward for the specialist lending industry to grow, deliver better customer outcomes and become more compliant.

“However, this is a complex market that no existing technology solution adequately caters for.

“We have created Pitch 4 Finance to tackle this head-on.

“It’s not a revolution of the market, but an evolution that enables intermediaries to use technology to their advantage to save time and ensure that they are generating the best customer outcomes.

“The platform provides instant criteria matching, one-on-one support for intermediaries, real time application updates, tracking and greater exposure for intermediaries to all lenders in the market.

“Importantly, we also support this technology with proactive administrative support that enables cases to be processed more quickly and effectively.

“There is no other comprehensive solution like this in our market and we have carried out extensive beta testing to ensure it exceeds expectations.

“With this in mind, we want as many brokers as possible to experience the benefits for themselves and we are confident that this pre-launch offer will result in excellent outcomes for clients and long-term working partnerships with brokers.”

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