Michael Lloyd

July 15, 2019

Platform, the intermediary mortgage brand of The Co-operative Bank, has reduced interest rates across a range of mortgage products including mainstream, buy-to-let and Help to Buy, with some mortgages reduced by up to 0.15%.

There’s a 2-year fixed rate Help to Buy mortgage at 60% and 75% loan-to-value (LTV) at 1.59% and a 5-year fixed Help to Buy mortgage at 60% and 75% LTV at 1.99%. Both come with a £999 fee.

Neil Wyatt, head of mortgage distribution for Platform said: “We continue to review the interest rates we offer across our range of mortgages to ensure we’re offering competitive deals for broker clients looking for the right mortgage for their needs and we remain committed to having a competitive range of mortgages for first time buyers looking to get on to the property ladder and are pleased to be offering a number of best in market Help to Buy mortgage deals.

“We have always had a policy of offering preferential rates for our existing customers and this price change means we now have a number of deals that are best in market for our existing customers to benefit from.

“We want customers to pick a competitive deal from us and know that they will still be offered a great deal when they’re looking to switch their mortgage.

“We do value our loyal customers and want work with our broker partners to keep their clients’ business for the long term.”

Without a fee there’s a 2-year fixed Help to Buy mortgage at 60% and 75% LTV at 2.04% and a 5-year fixed Help to Buy mortgage at 60% LTV at 2.19%.

There’s also a 4-year fixed rate Help to Buy mortgage at 75% LTV at 2.24% without a fee.

All Help to Buy mortgages from Platform have a £500 cashback and a free standard valuation and are available for purchases only.

For product switches there’s a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 80% LTV at 1.99%, with a £749 fee, and a 2-year fixed rate mortgage at 90% LTV at 2.04% without a fee.

Other rate reductions include two 5-year fixed rate mortgages at 60% LTV, a 1.79% with a £999 fee and a 1.94% without a fee. wit

There’s also a 5-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage at 2.14% without a fee.

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