Platform reintroduces its 3-year fixed product range

Jessica Nangle

March 16, 2021

buyer demand

Platform is reintroducing its range of 3-year fixed rate mortgages and also cutting interest rates on a number of products in its range. 

Highlights of the changes on Platform’s mainstream range includes a 3-year fixed rate at 2.65% at 80% LTV and 3-year fixed rate at 3.14% at 85% LTV, both with a £0 fee and £1000 cashback.

A 3 year fixed rate at 3.72 per cent at 90% LTV with a £0 fee and £1000 cashback has also become available.

On their buy-to-let range, there is a 2-year fixed rate at 1.70% at 75% LTV with a £1,999 fee and £500 cashback, and a 5-year fixed rate at 2.28% at 75% LTV with a £0 fee and £0 cashback available.

On Platform’s professional mortgage range, there is a 2-year fixed rate at 3.40% at 90% LTV with a £0 fee and £250 cashback.

Carolyne Gregory, director of retail lending at The Co-operative Bank, said: “The mortgage market in the UK remains in high demand and we’re continuing to review our product options and interest rates to ensure that we remain competitive, whilst also offering a variety of options for fixed terms, range of fees, and while also maintaining our generous cashback offers that are up to £1000 on select mortgage products.”

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