PlotSearch subscriptions up in 2019

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February 13, 2019

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PlotSearch kicked off 2019 with over 1000 new subscribers in January alone, an increase on this time last year – despite the UK’s uncertain economic climate and proving that Brexit is not discouraging people from building their own home.

Emma Spence, head of marketing at PlotSearch, part of BuildStore, said: “The demand for building plots has increased across the UK. Our new subscribers are looking for plots in every region, with the top 10 plots viewed in January including a barn conversion in Somerset, a semi rural plot in Sussex and a plot in the remote Scottish Highlands.”

PlotSearch data also shows that the largest demographic group looking to self build across the UK, is subscribers aged 26-40 – going against the assumption that self-build is only for the older and more established generations.  This could indicate that younger people who are struggling to get a foot onto the property ladder are looking to self-build as an alternative to buying a new build or existing property. This is evident in the south of England where the housing crisis is keenly felt and where an increasing demand for building plots can be seen.

2019 will also see the first self and custom build serviced plots become available as a result of the Government’s ‘Right to Build’ legislation.

Spence added: “With more planning permissions being granted year on year, and more people of all ages seeing self build as a feasible option, PlotSearch will continue to help people start their self build journeys – as we have for 20 years!”

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