PMPA announces future plans

Amanda Jarvis

January 16, 2006

“Despite our best endeavours we have been unable to resolve all of the issues recently raised by a number of PMPA members. As a result therefore it is likely that some current members will not move forward with PMPA into 2006. PMPA will continue to conduct business as usual with a number of existing and new members and we would like to take the opportunity to wish leaving members well and applaud their initiative in seeking to set up their own group.

“We recognise that some of the suggested changes to the operational structure of PMPA were well founded and a number of them will be adopted within the group moving forward. The core values and principals upon which PMPA was founded in July 2000 still remain fundamental to its continued professionalism and success. PMPA will continue to work closely with both lender and intermediary partner relationships and we are grateful for the continued support that both give to us.”

Commentary from two of the members who have chosen to remain with PMPA follows:

“The PMPA has been a major factor and influence in the continual growth of our company and we are delighted to continue our association with the group.”

“As a relatively new member I still believe the original reasons for our association with PMPA remain valid. I see no reason to leave a professionally run organisation which continues to support our own mortgage proposition.”

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