PMS and Sesame launch 95% LTV product with Skipton

Ryan Bembridge

April 11, 2019

PMS Mortgage Club and Sesame Network have launched a 5-year fixed rate mortgage product via Skipton Building Society at 3.12% to 95% loan-to-value.

The product has no application, arrangement or completion fees.

Jane Benjamin, director of Mortgages at Sesame and PMS, said: “In addition to the low headline rate and high LTV, this attractive mortgage product offers stability in the first five years, which we believe will prove to be popular with our members and their customers in these uncertain economic times.

“We have worked closely with Skipton Building Society to bring this exclusive new product to market, and in doing so they have once again shown their commitment to our members.”

Paul Fenn, director of business development at Skipton Building Society, said: “We’ve had a great start to 2019 with SBG, outperforming 2018 by up to 30% in some instances, so we’re delighted to be able to offer this exclusive to PMS and Sesame members, to help continue that great start and to ensure customers are getting the best deal possible.”

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