PMS smashes through barrier for billions borrowed

Nia Williams

May 24, 2011

PMS has been propelled throughout its 15 year history by the strong support of mortgage intermediaries, lenders and providers, according to the club.

John Malone, executive chairman, PMS commented: “When establishing the business back in 1996 our main focus was on keeping the services simple for both advisers and lenders, thereby creating a brand that can be trusted to deliver on the promises made to all those involved.

“With the support of advisers and brokers on one hand and lenders on the other, the business has stood the test of time over the last 15 years and achieved a record volume of completions.”

Commenting, Fahim Antoniades, group director, Mortgage Centre IFA, commented: “An average monthly completion of £1.5bn per month since inception is a fantastic achievement by any measure. It’s a testament to the fortitude of mind shown by John Malone and his team to, over the years, hold true the “Premier” element of the PMS name.

“They have consistently proven to be a true heavyweight in intermediary distribution and since we all know that lenders tend to gravitate towards bulk distribution channels, this can only be good news – as well as peace of mind – for all PMS’s directly authorised advisers alike.”

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