Podium connects with Mortgage Engine

Jessica Nangle

December 16, 2019

Fintech platform Mortgage Engine has connected with Podium, a mortgage comparison platform co-founded by Moneysupermarket Group.

The connection will allow Moneysupermarket Group customers to receive instant decisions from multiple lenders.

In 2020, Mortgage Engine’s offering will also include application integration with lenders.

Cloe Atkinson, managing director at Mortgage Engine, said: “It’s great to be partnering with Podium, and to give Moneysupermarket Group customers the benefit of real-time decisions from multiple lenders by only entering their details once.

“For those customers seeking professional mortgage advice, our multi-DiP functionality also reduces the time advisers need to spend on preliminary admin checks, making the process more streamlined, and resulting in more informed product decisions.”

James Sadler, co-founder and strategy director at Podium, added: “It is great to work with Mortgage Engine to help Moneysupermarket Group customers get a decision in principle.

“The changes in the mortgage market are being driven by consumer demand for simplicity, transparency and certainty. A decision in principle is a key step to helping customers move forward in the mortgage process.”

 Mark Gracey, corporate development director at Moneysupermarket Group, added: “Mortgages are one of the last areas of financial services to truly digitise.

“Millions of customers look to us for help with mortgages every year and they are crying out for greater clarity on the product options available to them, and a simpler and more efficient way to apply.

“Innovation is a central pillar to our Reinvent strategy at Moneysupermarket Group, as evidenced by our launch of Podium earlier this year, and we are delighted to now be working with Mortgage Engine to offer multi-DiPs to our customer base.”

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