polarmortgages.co.uk launches home equity guide

Amanda Jarvis

March 1, 2006

The guide offers 55 tips on how to smarten up your home quickly and easily – and at a realistic cost.

Jason Hulott, business bevelopment birector from the website says: “The television is now rife with programmes about making more money from your property or property development – and normally with a huge outlay. While there is no doubt that you can add thousands of pounds worth of value to your home by building conservatories, or perhaps adding bedrooms, many people simply do not have the time, money nor DIY skills to do this.

“This Guide shows you how you can spruce up your home on a budget and still generate a sizeable amount of equity”.

Examples of ways to make the most of your home include:

-Highlighting the primary features of every room, making sure that they have not been hidden or obscured by furnishings, plants, or other belongings such as fireplaces and French doors

-Getting rid of ‘nasty niffs’ that you may be oblivious to

-Removing ‘personal’ items such as family photographs or niche magazines

-Downsizing the contents of your cupboards by taking everything out and only putting half of it back in.  (This is because while no buyer will expect cupboards to be perfectly neat or empty, they are looking for a large amount of storage space for their own things)

-Testing your home for baby compatibility (eg would put your own child on your floor and let him or her crawl about?)

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