Positive response to Amber’s online KFI

Amanda Jarvis

November 29, 2004

Amber recognises that many intermediaries may be having problems sourcing a KFI for products such as the Bespoke or Parachute products available from Amber. Amber’s online KFI facility is able to produce illustrations for every possible combination of both the Bespoke and Parachute menu-driven products.

Amber would like to encourage intermediaries to obtain KFIs direct from its website, because of the guarantee of accuracy.

Mike Perry, associate director of sales and marketing at Amber, commented, “Amber recognises that the facility of online KFIs has great potential to make intermediaries’ lives much easier and the application process far smoother. We have had a great response from intermediaries making use of the facilities currently available from Amber, and look forward to building on this firm base in the future.

“Sourcing systems frequently cannot cope with the complexity of menu-driven products, so we would strongly recommend that intermediaries take advantage of Amber’s own KFI facility. If the sourcing systems would like to have access to the Amber KFI to help the intermediaries source all of our products, then Amber are more than happy to provide this access free of charge.”

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