Precise launches exclusive BTL products

Nia Williams

February 13, 2013

The products include 2-year fixed rates at 75% loan to value from 4.54% and 2-year trackers at 75% LTV from 4.44%.

Other highlights include:

• Maximum loan size increased to £1m

• Rental calculation changed to 125% of pay rate or 5% whichever is the higher

• Refund of valuation on selected products

• No minimum income requirements

Alan Cleary, managing director at Precise Mortgages, said: “As the demand for our buy-to-let products increase, we are adding more products to the shelves to give brokers and borrowers more options.

“Our up and down cascading approach finds the cheapest product for the borrower’s circumstances meaning that if a borrower fails to qualify for the product applied for it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be declined.”

The lender’s core range of buy-to-let products which have no postcode restrictions in England and Wales will be relaunched in the coming weeks with enhanced rates and features.

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