Price is the main focus for business protection

Nia Williams

November 17, 2008

With cost such a significant factor, Bright Grey has decided to extend its 5% reduction on business protection placed on its books until 31 January 2009.

The next two factors that influence an adviser’s decision are service and product features. According to respondents these components are equally important, with just over half of all advisers evaluating providers’ propositions based on these key areas.

Bright Grey’s business protection plans come with its unique Helping Hand service, providing access to personal nurse advisers from RED ARC tailored to suit the business market. Through its Working Transitions service it also provides solutions to a range of practical problems associated with losing a key person to illness or death, including advice and support as well as recruitment and legal support.

Roger Edwards, Proposition Director at Bright Grey said: “In the current climate especially, it doesn’t come as any surprise that the majority of advisers place their business based on competitive premiums, but it’s vital that other factors aren’t overlooked and consideration is given to the product as a whole.

“Business protection propositions that offer the best value include a variety of different elements. That’s why our decision to extend the 5% discount, the practical support we offer through Working Transitions, along with the service our highly experienced underwriters and dedicated customer support team give us a very powerful and competitive offering.”

The offer applies to all business protection Life Covers, Critical Illness Covers and Life or Critical Illness Covers.

Bright Grey’s flexible menu-based product is designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and allows advisers to tailor a package to suit their client, regardless of the size of their business, or whether they need loan, share or key person protection.

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