Prime Minister denies austerity measures will reappear post-lockdown

Jessica Bird

April 30, 2020

boris johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (pictured) has stated that when lockdown measures are able to ease, this will not mean a return to austerity measures for the British economy.

In today’s press briefing, Johnson was asked by Robert Peston of ITV whether there was a risk that the end of the COVID-19 crisis would compel the UK government and the Prime Minister to cut public services and move back to an era of austerity in an attempt to address the damage done to the British economy.

In response, Johnson said: “My instincts are that the economy will bounce back strongly and that this government will want to encourage that bounce back in all kinds of ways.

“I’ve never particularly liked the term [austerity] to describe government economic policy, and it will certainly not be part of our approach.”

It is unclear whether this stance will change in the case that the economy does not bounce back as strongly as predicted.

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