Prisk needs to be the “game changer”

Robyn Hall

September 5, 2012

Turner said: “The Government needs to look at mortgage lending and should set minimum and meaningful mortgage lending targets to ensure more appropriate credit is made available to first-time buyers – a key driver for the rest of the housing market.”

Countrywide, which sells almost one in 10 of all residential properties in the UK, believes the government needs to act quickly and progress reforms such as deposit affordability and the shortage of appropriate housing stock at the right price in the right location.

Turner added: “We call for the structure of the UK house building sector and restrictive planning laws to be reviewed. Also, steps should also be taken to ensure house prices are aligned with people’s wages, which would allow more people move out of private rented and social housing accommodation to becoming home owners – a key aspiration for many.

“Stamp Duty for sub-£250,000 properties should be removed in order to boost housing market activity at a time where higher deposits are required to obtain a mortgage, as only 13% of Stamp Duty comes from properties worth less than £250,000.

“As we, we have a fundamental interest in a healthy and robust housing market, not the boom and bust model. As such, we look forward to the chance to present our ideas

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