Professional Mortgage Packagers Alliance (PMPA) issues statement from directors

Amanda Jarvis

January 19, 2006

As a result, all of the members were advised, at a meeting last week, that PMPA would continue in its current format. It was announced that we would work towards making a number of the changes members had requested and move forward with those members who felt they would like to continue with PMPA. All members were offered the opportunity to advise if they wished to stay with us. Subsequent to this, ten of the current member firms expressed their decision to stay with PMPA.
We are saddened that the new group, AMPD, have felt the need to try and engage in a war of words in the press. We have not, and will not, respond or engage in such a manner.
Therefore, and with the exception of this statement, we will make no further comment on the split other than to say, as we always have, that we wish the new group well and trust that they, too, will now let the matter rest.
PMPA will concentrate on the retained membership and work closely with them, our lender partners and our intermediary introducers who, we are delighted to say, have all stood closely beside us during the past few weeks.
As we enter 2006, PMPA may be leaner than it was, but our membership are fully committed to the core principles and values that have been our bedrock, since it’s formation, in July 2000. We will advise the full list of PMPA members and also a number of new, associate members, shortly.
We have the ability to continue helping our members grow their businesses and know that, together, we will embrace and support the recent changes in a positive manner. Most of all, we have a group that have total belief in each other and who all embrace the long term motto of PMPA “Strength in Unity” as we move forward together.

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