Promise introduces Secured Loan Hot Key

Sam Cordon

November 4, 2013

The introducer can then seamlessly transfer the telephone call and the data through to a loan expert at Promise.

This new service completes the range of referral methods available through Promise which include passing over the name and phone number, a DIP form, a quick quote, a detailed quote or using Promise’s web forms or web pages.

Promise managing director Steve Walker said “We want to offer the widest choice of referral methods alongside the largest choice of lenders so there is always a service to suit every broker.

“The Hot Key facility is free and will particularly suit the broker who has the client on the phone and wants to quickly hand the referral to an expert in the knowledge that his client will be dealt with compliantly, quickly and will be offered the widest possible choice of lenders.

“The Hot Key experience is also great for borrowers and relieves the broker of any additional work as well as supporting higher conversions as the client experience is so good.”

Lead generators and mortgage brokers with call centre teams are already using Hot Key with great success as the quoting facility helps them establish that a loan is likely to progress, give borrowers an indicative quote if they wish, and then hand the call over.

Walker added: “The other great news for our introducers is that we pay introducers the same commissions they would have received had they sourced, quoted and signed up the application themselves.

“This really is a “no brainer” for the busy broker and if Hot Key isn’t perfect for them, the same commissions are available for all other referral methods.

“In every case, a detailed record of quotation and reasons why will be available for a brokers records and online case tracking and email updates are the norm.

“Registering with Promise is online and fast so a broker wanting access to this facility can be operational in minutes. A demo of the quick quote and hot key process is available for brokers to try on the Promise Solutions website.”

Hot key is the latest in a succession of innovations from Promise including, free websites, free marketing systems and a new team dedicated to helping brokers achieve greater success.

All are aimed at helping brokers to more easily integrate secured loans into their business and ultimately earn more commissions and generate more sales opportunities.

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