Promise offers larger loan amounts from Equifinance

Robyn Hall

October 2, 2012

Loan packagers using Promise to gain access to Equifinance’s products will now get to retain 100% of the fees.

Steve Walker, managing director of Promise Solutions, said: “Equifinance’s recent changes make its product even more attractive. It will accept loans which others can’t do.

“It is the only lender which will consider heavy adverse up to 75% loan to value and doesn’t unduly penalise borrowers in lower value properties, ex council houses or those offering semi commercial properties as security.

Kevin Cooke, managing director of Equifinance, said: “Since launching last year we have experienced tremendous success and are pleased with the performance of the loans we have funded.

“Whilst we have accepted some cases up to £20,000 by exception we are now pleased to make larger loans a feature of our product range and available to all introducers.”

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