Zoopla: Property hunters’ top searches revealed

Michael Lloyd

November 21, 2019

‘Garage’ is the most searched term by prospective homebuyers, according to data from Zoopla.

By analysing 12 months’ worth of data, Zoopla found that the most popular term was followed by ‘garden’ and ‘parking’.

Andy Marshall, chief commercial officer at Zoopla, said: “Keyword searches are a useful gauge of home buyer priorities, and offer an insight into how people are living today.

“They can also inform agents on which attributes to highlight in a listing, which in turn enhances searchability amongst home hunters.

“The prevalence of ‘garage’ and ‘parking’ demonstrates that the ability to park a car can determine whether or not a buyer will arrange a viewing.

“Gardens are similarly popular, and should always be mentioned in a property’s listing.”

The most popular terms for those looking at homes in the South West included ‘sea view’ and ‘cottage’.

In the East of England, popular searches included ‘acre’, ‘rural’ and ‘pool’.

Londoners searched for ‘garden’ more than any other term despite outside space coming at a premium.

A key search term by homebuyers in Scotland was ‘secluded’.

Marshall added: “There are some interesting regional nuances that are worth considering, too.

“‘Rural’, ‘acre’, ‘secluded’ and ‘annex’ aren’t necessarily front of mind when writing up a property, but prospective buyers in certain regions are clearly associating them with their property wishlist.

“Buyer preferences evolve over time, and ‘electric car-charging point’ and ‘smart home’ will no doubt emerge as search priorities in due course, particularly as eco-living and automated properties become more mainstream.”

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