Property Portfolio Rescue Launch

Sarah Davidson

August 9, 2010

PPR’s service allows advisers to provide their clients with a genuine alternative to repossession and offers an opportunity for the client to sell their property or property portfolio quickly if they are faced with repossession action.

The service not only provides a fast and hassle-free solution to the client but will also provide the adviser with a new income stream with referral fees of up to 2% of the sale of the property or property portfolio that is purchased. PPR liaise with the lender on the client’s behalf to ensure the best deal available is offered.

Each case is reviewed on its own individual merits and once an offer is made the client can be certain that the deal will be completed as quickly as possible providing the lifeline that many people in this position need.

The service is offered not only for residential purposes but for any client who needs to sell their property be they a businessman who owns a small portfolio and needs a cash injection, a commercial landlord looking to offload their commercial premises or a property company with a large portfolio or retail and/or residential assets.

PPR already own over 200 properties and manage over £40 million worth of property assets as landlords.

Nick Hopkinson, director of Property Portfolio Rescue, said: “It is an unfortunate fact of life that many individuals and companies are facing the all too real threat of repossession on their properties at this time.

2Mortgage rationing is causing real problems for many property owners at the moment and anyone needing to remortgage is going to struggle unless they have a huge amount of equity and a perfect credit score.

“Refunding current debt levels is increasingly difficult and therefore clients may believe they have little option but to succumb to repossession. However, Property Portfolio Rescue may be able to help adviser’s clients access the equity they have before the worst happens.

“As a privately-funded landlord with a wealth of experience in this market, we often work with advisers and their clients to realise their assets and stop their banks and lenders moving to repossession.

“Our funding is already in place which means we can, in some cases, exchange within 48 hours subject to due diligence. Advisers who introduce to PPR can be certain that their clients will be treated fairly, discreetly and above all, quickly, right through to completion.

“We are also providing advisers with a new income stream which pays up to 2% of the sale value. All in all, we are looking to keep clients – be they residential owners, commercial/buy-to-let landlords or property companies – away from repossession whilst delivering a quality service and the best outcome for all parties.”

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