Protection Review partners with APFA

Ryan Fowler

March 21, 2014

Protection Review are an independent protection consultancy established in 2003 by co-chairmen Peter Le Beau and Andy Couchman.

The half-day sessions, which are free to attend for APFA members, cover aspects of the UK protection market including products, underwriting, claims, regulation, sales and new technology.

Chris Hannant, director general at APFA, said: “As the only trade association for professional financial advisers, we are keen to identify future business opportunities for advisers, and to provide them with the tools to take advantage of them.

“We think protection is an important part of the advice mix and we believe these sessions will bring benefits to both advisers and their clients.”

The sessions begin with a basic overview of the protection market, including basic product details, product sales figures, underwriting and other relevant information, before moving on to more technical areas such as critical illness definitions, occupation classes, and the use of trusts.

The sessions also look at how to promote the need for protection, overcoming many of the typical rebuttals and objections that can often get in the way of protection sales.

Peter Chadborn, co-presenter and director at IFA firm Plan Money, said: “With the exception of some good provider seminars and marketing material there is precious little protection-focused training available.

“Individual provider seminars are very welcome although they tend, naturally, to promote the wares of the host. These sessions are different in that they cover all aspects of the market from an independent viewpoint.”

Sessions will take place in Swiss Re’s office in London on April 24, Skandia’s office in Southampton on May 1 and the Friends Life office in London on June 26.

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