PruProtect expands IFA support team

Robyn Hall

March 29, 2010

These include face to face IFA broker consultants, telephone account managers and national account managers.

In 2009 new protection business increased four-fold from £3.3m in 2008 to £13.5m in 2009. New applications in 2009 also increased four-fold from 6,542 in 2008 to 26,969 in 2009.

The number of IFAs writing business with PruProtect doubled from 2,889 in 2008 to 4,885 in 2009.

Justin Taurog, director of marketing and distribution for PruProtect, said: “This business growth confirms our position as one of the leading players in the UK protection industry.

“We are committed to supporting the IFA market and we believe we have by far the largest IFA protection distribution force in the UK and we will continue to grow.”

Peter Lurie, director of Proactive Medical & Life, said: “Our firm has closely followed PruProtect’s growth in the protection market including its range of award winning products.

“They have been successful due to the clever synthesis of health and wellbeing combined with personal protection.

“This mix of health related incentives alongside comprehensive benefits is a welcome sales tool and gives both the broker and the customer a real focus, without being overcomplicated.”

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