PTI Financial Services Supermarket sign up over 600 ARs

Amanda Jarvis

November 25, 2004

PTI claims that it will be a top 3 financial services network in 2 years

On Mortgage Day 2004, Personal Touch Insurance emerged as the Mortgage network with the largest number of Mortgage ARs registered on the FSA website, with no less than 600 intermediary firms listed. This number has now grown to over 670.

As an IFA network, PTI has received a substantial number of IFA application forms, with 100 IFA firms to be registered by January 2005. This means that the majority of those ARs listed on the FSA website are actually Mortgage specialists.

PTI is authorised by the FSA as a ‘total’ financial services network and, subject to their qualifications, ARs can conduct Pensions & Investment, Protection, Mortgage and General Insurance business. As part of the PTI Financial Services Network model ARs unauthorised in certain areas will able to use specialists within the network to distribute health care and other core financial services products.

Commenting on the success in attracting ARs, PTI Managing Director, Mike Allison, says: “By offering a wider product range, we offer a great way for businesses to increase bottom line income and reduce dependency on one product area. Clearly, our strategy of devoting considerable effort and resources into building an infrastructure able to meet the genuine business needs of intermediaries is paying big dividends. The share issue taken up by Aegon enabled us to invest substantially in our future and this is proving to be a key factor in our rapid growth.”

He adds: “Listening to and understanding our customers’ needs has also been a significant factor in the success of our proposition.”

PTI anticipates it will be one the UK’s top 3 financial services networks within the next two years.

PTI’s AR proposition is fees free and includes PI cover. Other key features include:

•Independent access to the full marketplace with no restrictive panels of product providers.
•Top commissions and procuration fees.
•ARs retain client ownership and renewals for life.
•Access to research facilities and sourcing systems.
•Full back office support via the revolutionary new PTI Dashboard business administration system.
•ARs build a capital asset they own and control.

PTI also offers intermediaries further opportunities to develop a one stop shop – or financial services supermarket – for their clients, by providing ways of building additional income streams for their business.

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