Pure Retirement produces educational videos for advisers

Michael Lloyd

December 3, 2019

Pure Retirement has produced adviser-facing video content about recognising vulnerable customers and explaining gilt rates.

Pure’s head of compliance and risk, Ed Halliwell, hosts a webinar discussing vulnerable customers and the best way that the later life lending market can recognise and accommodate them.

Meanwhile, the gilt rate explainer video is for advisers, especially those new to the market, who find the subject confusing.

Rachel Pease, head of marketing and communications at Pure Retirement, said: “As the market continues to grow it’s more important than ever that advisers have easy access to materials and resources that allow them to best serve their customers.

“We’ve listened to recent calls from the wider market for greater information relating to vulnerable customers and gilt rates and have hopefully created something that answers those calls and can expand and develop understanding on these sensitive issues.”

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