Q2 sees reduced B2L remortgage activity

Ryan Fowler

August 4, 2014

Although remortgages remain the most common form of buy-to-let mortgage borrowing, the research highlights a 4% drop in the number of remortgages processed over the past three months.

In comparison, there has been a 2% increase in the proportion of buy-to-let mortgages processed since Q1, accounting for 23% of all mortgages.

The research further revealed a slight increase in the proportion of mortgages for first time buyers over the past year, from 17% in Q3 2013 to 19% currently.

According to Paragon Mortgages’ panel of intermediaries, at buy-to-let level the proportion of remortgages fell by 4% over the past quarter from 30% to 26%.

This more than reduces the changes seen in Q1 where the proportion of buy-to-let remortgages rose from 28% to 30%.

On the other hand, the proportion of buy-to-let mortgages processed for first time landlords has slightly increased from 20% in Q1 to 22% currently.

This reverses the change seen in Q1 where first-time landlord mortgages were down to 20% from 22% in Q4 2013.

John Heron, managing director of Paragon Mortgages, said: “The declining proportion of remortgages against the increased proportion of first time buyer mortgages represents a continuation of a trend that has been apparent over the past couple of years as the market has gathered momentum.

“It is promising to see an overall increase in the proportion of buy-to-let mortgages being processed, which again highlights the steady growth we are experiencing in the market.

“There is a clear declining trend in buy-to-let remortgages, with the proportion having dropped significantly since a pre-crisis peak in 2007/08 followed by a steady and continuing decline.

“It is also a positive step to see some growth in the number of first time landlords seeking buy-to-let as new blood in this market is important to a strong sustainable future for the private rented sector.”

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