Quest provides eSurvey software

Amanda Jarvis

April 19, 2006

This is the first automated solution to be available in Ireland.
Using Quest’s DataWeb, eSurvey will provide a range of web-enabled services allowing integrated electronic processing of residential valuation instructions for Irish lenders, mortgage intermediaries and valuers, in a secure online environment. Over 2 million mortgage valuation instructions are currently completed each year via DataWeb in the UK, and it is anticipated that a high proportion of the 170-200,000 Irish valuations will now also be managed electronically.
Jim O’Callaghan, director of eSurvey, said: “We are extremely pleased to have exclusively licensed Quest’s DataWeb application in Ireland. Many of our customers have been asking about DataWeb for some time, as UK associated companies have benefited from using the system for some time. With a few modifications for the Irish market, the system is now set to dramatically speed up the entire valuation instruction process, bringing cost savings, enhanced security and flexible working options to the industry. eSurvey is delighted to be the driving force behind bringing these services to the Irish market.”
Tom Parker, managing director of Quest Associates, said: “The DataWeb technology, together with local support from eSurvey, will help reduce the administration time and costs for Irish lenders and valuers, as the instruction process will now be fully automated. Plus, the system can be used remotely, allowing valuers to instantly provide property data whilst out on site, using mobile technologies such as voice dictation systems to complete valuation forms, or Tablet PCs. This will streamline the entire valuation process.”

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