RBS Intermediary Partners integrates into NatWest Intermediary Solution

RBS Intermediary Partners has integrated with NatWest Intermediary Solutions.

Members of RBS Intermediary Partners will access NatWest’s similar range of products instead from Friday 18 May.

Brokers who are part of Tenet, PTFS and Ingard, who previously only had access to RBS products, will experience this change.

Graham Felstead head of intermediaries at RBS, said: “We are pleased to welcome back the brokers from Tenet, PTFS & Ingard and looking forward to continuing to build on these relationships as we look to help more customers with their mortgage needs.”

Those with ongoing transactions with RBS Intermediary Partners have until the close of play on Friday to sumit the full mortgage application.

Brokers who were aligned to RBS will also switch to the NatWest business development manager partnership model.

This means they will move from having one BDM to a field and phone BDM working together.

This is said to be a better system, seeing as a field-based BDM is able to specialise in hands-on training, participate in team meetings and give face-to-face presentations; whereas the phone BDM can focus on conducting webinars and is better placed to answer web-based queries.

When one is on holiday the other will still be working, so brokers can always contact someone for help.

RBS Intermediary Partners launched in 2006.

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