Rebuildingsociety offers P2B lending platform to brokers

Sam Cordon

June 6, 2013

The platform has developed a number of options, from a branded introducer, which is a branded portal to capture applications and promotes the broker’s involvement in the industry, to a full, independent platform that a business manages on its own terms.

Daniel Rajkumar, managing director of rebuildingsociety.com, said: “We’re fundamentally a technology business and we’re keen to grow the overall size of the market.

“We’ve developed our own technology and proven its ability at a time when options for those looking to enter the market are limited.

“Our research suggests awareness is the biggest barrier to peer-to-peer lending achieving its long term potential but as many as one in four people could become lenders in the next 12 months, so organisations either running their own platform powered by rebuildingsociety.com or introducing borrowers to us through a white-labelled site will only help us grow.”

Rajkumar said the service is designed to facilitate fast, low-cost entry into the market, with clients able to pick and choose elements of their package, including marketing support, depending on their business objectives.

He said a delivery timeframe from agreement to launch is as low as one month with residual support packages available.

Paul Thompson, managing director of Acorn 4 Finance, one of rebuildingsociety.com’s clients, added: “This market has experienced rapid growth and has already helped a number of our clients to access finance, including through rebuildingsociety.com.

“Having our own branded site makes sense because we can process applications quickly and filter suitable applications before passing them through to funding platforms.

“The whole process was straightforward and didn’t take up a lot of time, which for any broker is crucial.

“It ties our brand to the market and positions us as a specialist, which as our clients become more aware of peer-to-business lending, will benefit us in the long term.”

rebuildingsociety.com is an established peer-to-business lending platform which after launching in September 2012 has facilitated over £340,000 of loans to nine businesses funded by private individuals.

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