Record business at Intelligence quashes rumours

Ramesh Sharma

June 1, 2004

Business levels have tripled since the introduction of Platform’s improved product offerings and online decision-making service ‘Clickdecision’. In particular, the Bank Base Rate (BBR) plus 0.75 per cent lifetime tracker buy-to-let exclusive with no higher lending charge has seen a surge of business, according to the network.

The upturn in results comes after sources informed Mortgage Introducer that the network was struggling and that managing director, Sally Laker, was set to leave the company amid speculation that its proposition was not attracting enough new firms.

Laker said: “I knew that these changes would make a difference but I didn’t imagine that the impact would be so fast. Having said that, Intelligence members have always been very quick off the mark to spot a good deal. They are also very keen on online decision-making because of the time-saving and efficient service they can then offer their clients.”

Guy Batchelor, sales and marketing director at Platform, commented: “We are delighted at the increased business levels with Mortgage Intelligence and we are heading towards quadrupling the levels seen before. There’s no doubt that brokers prefer to access binding online decisions via ‘Clickdecision’ as the entire process becomes much more efficient and we are looking towards enhancing this facility in the coming months.”

Vic Jannels, managing director at All Types of Mortgages (AToM), said he believed the rumours were totally unfounded. “Intelligence has always been a very strong brand and people are making comments about it without knowing the whole story. Our relationship with Intelligence is one of success and I believe its reputation in the industry will keep growing.”

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