Recruitment drive for dot financial

Robyn Hall

March 1, 2010

Cuthbert said:: “2010 is going to be a big ‘growth’ year for dot financial services.

“Having kicked off our recruitment drive towards the backend of 2009 by recruiting a number of business partners, we have continued in a similar vein in quarter one of 2010 with further advisors and a new sales manager, Greg Smith.

“Greg was drafted in at the beginning of the year to help dot recognise their potential for growth and provide infrastructure for all advisors.

“Our increased market share and the general pick up in the property market has helped to aid our decision to recruit more ‘aggressively’ going forward in order to grow the company and hopefully double in size by the end of this year.

“We have received a record number of CVs for our posts, and because we are employing business partners on a self employed basis there is the added incentive for our mortgage and protection advisors to realise the opportunities we have to offer. I feel excited about the future for both dot financial services and those working in partnership with us.”

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