Redford Charles Ltd launches HIPs help

Amanda Jarvis

February 15, 2006

The demand for Periodic Inspection and Testing (‘periodics’) is increasing. Many homeowners, estate agents and conveyancers are requiring them on a voluntary basis for inclusion into the Home Information Pack. When the Home Information Pack (or ‘Home Seller’s Pack’) is made compulsory in 2007, this demand will increase further.
ELECSA is urging everyone to remind homeowners of the need to prepare for this and to help each other in the electrical industry prepare for this increased demand.

A training provider with vast experience within the electrical industry has already responded to this call by offering a bespoke training package for Periodic Inspection & Testing.

Redford Charles Ltd will tailor its training packages to meet the knowledge and experience of a company and its staff to help them take advantage of this increased business opportunity. 

Companies will receive a 10% discount on Redford Charles’ bespoke ‘Periodics’ training package if they are registered with ELECSA. Companies not yet registered to self certify under Part P will receive a £25 discount on ELECSA’s registration after attending the bespoke training course.

As Graham  Wretham, managing director, Redford Charles Ltd,  said “With ELECSA offering an assessment of competence for its full scope scheme (level A) registered electricians and installers to undertake Periodics as an optional extra Assessment, and the ELECSA householder certificate proving necessary for incorporating into the Home Information Pack to act as documentary evidence to demonstrate that Part P has been complied with, many companies are jumping onto the ELECSA bandwagon to take up this bespoke ‘Periodics’ training package offered by us.”

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