Redrow launches new build TV advert

Michael Lloyd

May 31, 2019

Housebuilder Redrow has launched a national TV advertising campaign to challenge outdated perceptions of new build homes.

Titled ‘They Say…’, the campaign is also designed promote Redrow as a premium alternative to the second-hand property market. The advert is available on Redrow’s website and will launch in early June on demand platforms such as All 4 and ITV player, as well as YouTube TrueView.

Dave Bexon, group sales & marketing director at Redrow, said: “At Redrow, we are continuously striving to innovate both our marketing and customer service strategies for our customers.

“We were recently the first housebuilder to offer our customers the opportunity to fully, legally complete the reservation of a new home online, and in 2013 launched My Redrow, an online members’ area for our buyers to see the build progress of their home and style their homes.

“Our aim is to not only be the number one housebuilder of choice but to disrupt the new homes marketplace by ensuring consumers understand we are a premium alternative to second-hand homes.

“By significantly increasing our investment in marketing campaigns, we are able to raise awareness among a consumer audience that Redrow not only builds new homes but great communities to live in.”

The advert looks to debunk existing myths about new build homes that were uncovered in a Zoopla Smarter Property Solutions Survey.

The survey found that potential buyers consider new build homes easy to maintain, are more eco-friendly than a resale home and will often include the latest technology and have a good layout.

However, the results did show that the British public perception is that new builds have small rooms, are too uniform, and their look and style is not appealing.

The advert focuses on debunking these perceptions by outlining three benefits of a Redrow home. The housebuilder said its homes are not small, have character and a soul, as each home has its own unique characteristics, rather than being copies of one another.

Airing over an initial period of one month across the two on demand platforms, Redrow expects the advert to be viewed over 1.7 million times by adults in the key areas of the UK where it builds by geographically targeting.

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