Refer claims clients for a fee

Sarah Davidson

October 8, 2010

Fees are payable to intermediaries when a claim is successful and customers only pay TCO a fee if they win compensation.

The company was launched by Michael Clapper, former chief of Enterprise Group, and acts as an agent for FS Complaint Handling – a specialist and regulated claims management company with seven years experience managing financial services claims.

“People are entitled to receive compensation where they have been mis-sold to, or been sold products without their knowledge, and specialist help in this area has been lacking to say the least over the past few years,” said Clapper.

“If people want help getting compensation then it’s important to choose the right help. FSCH has a proven track record of consistently winning substantial compensation for their clients. Combine this track record with no upfront fees and all the hassle taken away from brokers and their clients, and I firmly believe we have created the winning formula to allow people to finally get the compensation they are rightly entitled to.”

“I have been involved in the pilot for TCO over the past few months,” added Lynda Godfrey, a former business development manager at GMAC-RFC. “I can honestly say that TCO is a complete breath of fresh air and I am amazed to see so many of the claims we’ve submitted have already been won.”

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