Reliance Bank joins SimplyBiz panel

Jessica Nangle

September 24, 2019

Reliance Bank has joined SimplyBiz Mortgages lender panel.

Reliance Bank is owned by The Salvation Army and donates up to 75% of its profits to The Salvation Army International Trustee Company.

The bank lends throughout England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of SimplyBiz Mortgages, said: “We are committed to ensuring choice for SimplyBiz Mortgages Members, and giving them access to a wide breadth of lenders to help them find the best possible product for their client.

“Reliance Bank has a compelling proposition, and its approach to providing an efficient and transparent service makes it a welcome addition to the panel.”

Gareth Byrne, mortgage manager of Reliance Bank, added: “We are excited to offer our mortgage range to members of SimplyBiz Mortgages.

“Our customers tell us that we provide fantastic service and advisers can be confident that our team will provide their clients with a great customer experience.”

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