Remortgage business increases at Broker Conveyancing

Robyn Hall

January 22, 2013

Remortgage business accounted for 45% of all total instructions during the final quarter of last year, up from 33% in the previous three months.

Harpal Singh, managing director of Broker Conveyancing, said: “Our remortgage business levels certainly showed a significant upturn during the last three months of 2012 and this could be down to a number of reasons.

“Anecdotally brokers are telling us that a more competitively priced remortgage market is helping but we also believe that remortgage specialists have sought out our product in this area because it is one of the best available in the marketplace.

“Certainly, as a percentage of our total business levels, remortgage instructions have improved considerably and now represent 45%, up from a third on the previous quarter. Purchase instructions continue to remain solid in the region of 55% of total business.”

After its launch in the middle of last year Broker Conveyancing has seen business increasing steadily with purchase instructions accounting for 55% in Q4.

Comparing quarter four with quarter three, purchase instructions tripled while remortgage instructions saw a huge eight-fold increase. Total business has increased four-fold. Broker Conveyancing has pointed out that the large increase in remortgage business has come from a low base given the new brand was only launched during last summer.

The distributor puts a significant amount of the increase in remortgage instructions down to an overall increase in remortgage business conducted by the broker community and the fact that a larger number of remortgage-focused brokers have understood the Broker Conveyancing remortgage product is one of, if not the, most competitive in the marketplace.

Broker Conveyancing says it is also seeing a number of broker users specifically focused on the remortgage market and a rise in instructions from those specialists who target this type of client.

Broker Conveyancing was launched to meet the specific conveyancing needs of brokers and their clients. The proposition has a number of unique features including radical pricing, a £25 loyalty bonus, payment on exchange, an all-inclusive fee structure, ‘no completion – no legal fees charged’, and fall through protection on searches.

Singh added: “We certainly believe that 2013 represents a real opportunity for those already providing conveyancing advice and those firms who have yet to make it a serious part of their proposition.

“Brokers have the chance to typically earn a £150-£200 referral fee for every piece of mortgage business they write; over the course of 12 months this will add up and represents a significant addition to any firm’s bottom line.

“Our Broker Conveyancing proposition is designed to offer a gentle introduction into conveyancing and the benefits it can provide both advisers and their clients.

“Many industry experts are predicting increased levels of lending this year and we hope that advisers are able to take advantage of any upturn and the additional income that both increased business levels, coupled with the provision of conveyancing advice, can offer.”

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