RLA produces landlord guide

Mortgage Introducer

June 30, 2015

The ‘safe and secure’ toolkit provides an interactive picture of a house providing information on the cost of fitting safety features such as window safety locks, carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms.

The last English Housing Survey found that 16% of private rented properties have at least one hazard that means the home fails the minimum safety standards that are expected.

Alan Ward, chairman of the RLA, said: “Providing a safe, legal and secure home should be the first duty of any landlord to their tenant.

“Whilst the vast majority of homes to rent meet the legal standards required of them, we must do all we can to support landlords to address hazards quickly when they arise.

“The reality is that there a large number of legal requirements expected of rented homes. The problem is not a lack of law but of enforcing these requirements and ensuring landlords understand the complexities of renting homes out.

“This website provides a simple, easy to understand tool kit for landlords to ensure rented homes meet the standards required of them.”

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