RLA: Rogue landlords failing students

Sarah Davidson

August 4, 2015

A report published today by Electrical Safety First has highlighted the electrical safety concerns being faced by students in some rental properties.

The RLA said that while good landlords will ensure that electricity circuits and fixtures are all safe, the lack of enforcement by local authorities against a minority of negligent landlords poses a risk for tenants.

Research conducted by the Local Government Information Unit and Management Journal earlier this year found that 54% of local authorities believe that they are in danger of being unable to fund their statutory services.

This includes environmental health departments responsible for enforcing standards in private rented housing.

The RLA is calling on landlords to take advantage of its Safe and Secure Homes toolkit, available online, which provides clear and simple advice on how to ensure the homes they rent are safe, legal and secure.

RLA policy director David Smith said: “The dangers highlighted in today’s report by Electrical Safety First are rightly already illegal.

“Rather than more regulations, the research again shows the importance of councils enforcing the wide range of powers they already have to tackle sub-standard accommodation.

“The sad reality is that many are too stretched to do so, leaving a minority of tenants vulnerable to sometimes unsafe accommodation.

“The RLA is doing all it can to support landlords to ensure their accommodation is safe, legal and secure. It’s time now that councils stepped up to the plate and used the powers they already have.”

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