Robo advice service launches

Michael Lloyd

July 5, 2018

Hooski, an online mortgage advice service and platform, Hooski, has launched.

It has the online, easy-to-use portal ensuring a contained, all-in-one platform and advises on first and second charges and buy-to-let.

Its service provides a digital solution model, with automated processes throughout the online journey concluded with manual analysis and review by expert mortgage consultants before making direct contact with the applicant to advise on their options. The service is entirely free for the user unlike larger competitors within the remit.

Samantha Revill, director of Hooski, said: “I and the team are all from a traditional financial background and are well aware of how mundane the system can be, especially for first-time buyers desperate to get their hands on the keys to the door.

“We’re aiming to create something different, something revolutionary that the digital-savvy can take advantage of to maintain their fast-moving lifestyles while fighting through aspects of life we all have to tackle at some stage.”

With over 100 years of mortgage advice between all members of the team, advice provided is backed up by numerous happy clients in their past and plenty more via the digital offering soon to launch.

In modern society many people are too busy to wait for weeks before securing an appointment with an adviser at a bank so Hooski wants to help these individuals make the most of life rather than wasting time in waiting rooms.

Hooski is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. With this in mind results will always show the true cost of any mortgage deal rather than an advertised rate, if the best deal available is via dealing directly with a bank that Hooski do not have access to they will always share this information.

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