Royal London names insurance improvements

Jake Carter

March 16, 2020


Royal London has announced a raft of improvements, which are intended to keep it afloat in the quality tables.

The firm has made a number of adjustments to its basic plan design.

In line with other insurers it has removed HIV/AIDS from the roster of conditions and one 100% payment condition and four additional payment conditions have been added.

Furthermore, eight conditions have also been reworded to improve the quality and/or to remove exclusions.

Drug and alcohol exclusions have been removed from five conditions and pulmonary hypertension claims are no longer restricted to idiopathic cases.

A spokesperson for Royal London said: “January 2018 saw Royal London make substantial and impressive improvements to children’s conditions.

“Those consumers searching for high quality child cover would have been impressed but clients without relevant children would possibly have chosen other more comprehensive plans.

“These changes, whilst not earth-shattering, serve to elevate the value of the main cover ensuring that the plan does not falter amidst the recent glut of insurer upgrades.

“No doubt more improvements will follow in due course as the merry-go-round of plan adjustments continues apace.”

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