Royal London upgrades protection offering

Michael Lloyd

December 10, 2018

protection policies

Royal London has upgraded its protection offering and will now pay up to £25,000 on diagnosis of low grade prostate cancer, which apart from Vitality nobody else does.

Also it now includes endovascular treatment (around 40% of all treatments) for children suffering from hole-in-the-heart.

There’s also new adult and child 100% payment conditions for cauda equina syndrome,peripheral vascular disease and pulmonary artery graft surgery.

There’s a new adult only additional payment conditions (Lower of £25,000 or 25% of the sum insured) for permanent pacemaker Insertion and low grade prostate cancer.

This payout also covers: Specific low grade cancers, aortic aneurysm and carcinoma in situ of larynx, renal pelvis and testicle and ovarian tumour of borderline malignancy.

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