RVU acquires Mojo Mortgages

Jake Carter

December 2, 2021


RVU, owner of Uswitch, Confused.com and Money.co.uk, has completed an agreement to buy Manchester-based Mojo Mortgages.

Mojo Mortgages is a free online mortgage broker, delivering mortgage recommendations through a combination of technology and human mortgage experts.

Tariq Syed, chief executive of RVU, said: “This is a win for the millions of mortgage seekers who are coming to us for help.

“Our combined scale alongside the expertise Mojo brings will allow us to have a hugely positive impact on this market, and those dreaming of owning their own home.

“To date, RVU has been instrumental in revolutionising the process of buying car insurance and switching energy.

“Now, moving our attention to mortgages – a market left largely undisrupted, we will get to work on improving their mortgage experience from start to finish.

“With best in class sector expertise, will make mortgages fit for the 21st century, empowering consumers to find and secure the right deal for their needs.”

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