RVU to acquire Mojo Mortgages

Jake Carter

July 12, 2021

RVU Tariq Syed

RVU, which owns Uswitch, Confused.com and Money.co.uk, has agreed to acquire online mortgage broker Mojo Mortgages.

Mojo delivers personalised mortgage recommendations through a hybrid of smart tech and human experts.

RVU operates digital brands which offer consumers the ability to compare and switch across a range of utilities and financial services products, including mortgages.

The agreement seeks to enable RVU to own the full journey across all customer touch points, from seeking information and advice, to applying and securing a mortgage.

Tariq Syed (pictured), chief executive of RVU, said: “Millions of mortgage seekers are coming to us through trusted sites like Money.co.uk, Uswitch and Confused.com.

“Owning every part of the process means we can improve their experience from start to finish.

“This is a unique fusion of capabilities, combining our growing audiences with the most advanced digital broker in the UK.

“Digitalisation has been sluggish in the mortgage sector but together with Mojo we will have the teams and the tools to supercharge the process and give consumers the experience they deserve.”

Richard Hayes, co-founder and chief executive of Mojo Mortgages, added: “We’re delighted at the prospect of joining the RVU team and are looking forward to working with some exceptional people and amazing household brands.

“Three years ago, we started Mojo with a clear vision to make everyone feel more confident about finding a great mortgage deal.

“This significant next step in our journey makes that vision a reality on a scale we could have only dreamt of back then.

“We’ll look to revitalise the UK mortgage ecosystem while creating remarkable digital experiences for both our colleagues and our customers.

“Alongside RVU, we’ll be at the forefront of positive change for the UK mortgage market. We can’t wait to get going.”

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