Safety and green spaces top priorities for homeowners

Ryan Bembridge

October 3, 2016

Homeowners choose personal and household safety (83%), having good neighbours (68%) and green spaces (62%) as the three most important factors when buying a house.

Other well-known factors like being near good state schools and nurseries were only a concern to 36% and 21% of homeowners.

Peter Rogerson, director of mortgages at Virgin Money, said: “We set out to understand what the homeowners of today really value when buying a home.

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“What we found is that people look beyond the fads we hear so much about, and are actually motivated by contented, convenient and comfortable living – the green spaces around them and a strong neighbourhood.”

The study found that 47% would prefer a premium supermarket to be opened in their area, just slightly behind the 53% who would rather a discount supermarket to open.

Just 10% would be swayed by being near a well-known coffee change.

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