Saffron partners with Burrow to launch qualification tool

Jake Carter

March 16, 2020


Saffron Building Society has partnered with Burrow, part of DPR group, to launch a mortgage qualification tool.

The lender highlights that applicants can use the tool to gain an accurate assessment of their mortgage eligibility.

In order to address consumer concern over confusing mortgage application process, the building society launched the afore mentioned mortgage qualification tool.

The tool also lists the different types of the building society’s mortgage products consumers are eligible for.

Laura Bright, product manager at Saffron Building Society, said: “We know that many consumers find it difficult to understand the various mortgage options available to them, are unsure of how much they can borrow, whether they qualify and whether they are getting the best rate/ product for their individual circumstances.

“By giving the consumer access to more information before any initial appointments with a lender, Burrow saves valuable time- allowing them to gain a better understanding of their current eligibility and more knowledge when approaching an industry expert.

“Similarly, because lenders have access to the customers’ data before the first call, they are able to save time and have more tailored conversations.”

“Technology has considerably shaped our behaviour over the past few years. We’re living in a world where immediate access to information is the norm and we always expect fast service and instant decisions at our fingertips.”

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