Santander to launch new fixes and trackers

Nia Williams

February 2, 2010

The new range comprises two year fixed and variable mortgages as well as a reduction in the rate on some existing fixed rate products by as much as 0.30%.

The changes to the mortgage range have been made to ensure intermediaries continue to have access to some of the most competitive rates available on the market.

Ricky Okey, managing director at Abbey for Intermediaries said: “This is a mortgage range designed to pack a punch. There have been a number of changes and additions within the range, all of which aimed at giving intermediaries access to market leading fixed and tracker rates across a range of loan-to-values.”

The new products on offer include:

Abbey for Intermediaries

* 70% LTV 2 year tracker at 2.49%, with a £995 fee

* 70% LTV 2 year fix at 3.44%, with a £995 fee

Abbey for Intermediaries Key Account exclusive

* 70% LTV 2 year fixed (Homebuyer Plus) at 3.69%, with a £995 fee – reduced by 0.30%

Alliance & Leicester Intermediary Sales

* 70% LTV, 2 year fix 2.89%, fee with a 2% fee

* 80% LTV, 2 year fix (Remortgage & Homebuyer) 4.34%, with a 2% fee

* 80% LTV, 2 year fix (Remortgage & Homebuyer) 4.84%, with a £1,495 fee

* 80% LTV, 2 year fix (Remortgage & Homebuyer) 5.04%, with a £495 fee

* 70% LTV, 2 year tracker 1.84%, with a 2% fee

As well as these new additions to the mortgage range, Abbey for Intermediaries has also made the following changes to its product set:

* 75% LTV 3 year fixed (Homebuyer) at 4.75%, with a £995 fee – reduced by 0.09%

* 75% LTV 5 year fixed (Homebuyer) at 5.44%, with a £799 fee – reduced by 0.05%

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