Scot Prov launches enhanced IP cover

Nia Williams

September 16, 2013

The policy will now offer an own occupation definition to a wider range of occupations for example surgeons, dentists and driving instructors, all of whom would not previously have been eligible for this definition.

Hugh McKee, CEO, intermediary division at Royal London, said: “The decision to change the product comes after a considered assessment of feedback given by customers and intermediaries.”

Scottish Provident now offers two options for its income protection policies; an own occupation definition throughout the term or own occupation for one year, changing to a list of serious illnesses and everyday tasks thereafter.

People not working or working for less than 16 hours a week will be offered cover against a list of serious illnesses and everyday tasks.

McKee added: “By widening the eligibility of own occupation to as many customers as possible and providing a unique solution for those that aren’t eligible, we believe we’re delivering a value for money proposition.

“Combining own occupation, a serious illness list as well as everyday tasks creates a unique product which will make it easier for customers to claim on and in turn increase consumer confidence in income protection.”

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