ScotProv launches The Matrix

Nia Williams

November 27, 2009

With the Scottish Provident Life Matrix, advisers will find a range of help, from how to effectively market their own business, to useful stats and anecdotes to help evidence the need for protection. It classifies current and potential customers into target segments suited to life today. It does this by identifying different types of client by age and relationship status, then within each stage provides more specific detail on each client type.

Newly available online, the Life Matrix is available to download from the Scottish Provident website To make life even easier it comes with non-branded letter templates, on key themes such as Unemployment Benefit and Critical Illness Cover, ready to download, that can be tailored to new and existing clients and put onto the advisers own letterhead. Included in the Life Matrix is a section that contains up-to-date, relevant facts and figures available for advisers to use, such as the average age of a first time buyer, and the current Inheritance Tax threshold. There is also a research section with useful stats around consumer attitudes to lifestyle and finance.

Susan Barclay, Head of Marketing, Scottish Provident said: “At Scottish Provident we are committed to supporting advisers in any way we can and this has never been as important as in these difficult times. Adding to these challenges, the traditional family scenario no longer exists, and as such the level and type of protection they require has also become more complex. With the enhanced Life Matrix, we aim to equip advisers with the relevant tools they need in order to maximise their business opportunities with both existing and potential clients.”

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