Scottish estate agents to be able to sell properties at auction

Michael Lloyd

January 16, 2019

Estate agents across Scotland are to be offered the chance to include the option of selling their properties through auction thanks to a new partnership.

Gilson Gray Property Services, the property arm of law firm Gilson Gray, has partnered with auction house Pattinson Auction in a move aimed at bringing the benefits of auction to a wider audience.

Matthew Gray, managing director of Gilson Gray, said: “Auctions should be seen as an increasingly attractive option for agents, especially for those with properties to sell outwith the main cities who will not generally have the volume of viewings or interested parties.

“The option to sell for free will appeal to many owners, particularly at a time of political uncertainty.

“Securing a sale through auction could be vital for an agent, especially if a property has been on the market for a considerable period of time.

“That not only leads to happy clients, but will bring an additional revenue stream to agents.”

The initiative is seen as particularly appealing to agents in rural areas.

Gilson Gray will mount a drive to showcase the attractions of an auction through seminars, information packs and meetings across Scotland.

With its presence in the London property market, Pattinson Auction believe the new partnership has potential to open up the sale of Scottish homes to buyers and investors across the rest of the UK – connecting Scottish estate agents to buyers that they would not otherwise reach.

Justin Beckwith, auction director at Newcastle-based Pattinson Auction, added: “Working closely with Gilson Gray will ensure the benefits of auction can be brought to many more clients.

“Sellers and agents will gain national exposure thanks to our network of partner agents. As we have been officially named the fastest growing auction house in the UK, our influence will only continue to grow.

“Pattinson Auction offer a fast, secure method of buying and selling property and the option to sell for free.

“With over 25 years’ experience of selling property at auction, our experts are the best people to guide both customers and agents through the process.”

Sellers can have a reserve price, while fixed timelines for completion are established prior to the sale.

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