Scottish house price growth exceeds the rest of the UK

Ryan Bembridge

November 17, 2017

Scottish house price growth has outstripped the rest of the UK with an annual increase of 5.6% in September, the Your Move/Acadata House Price Index has found.

In England and Wales as a whole prices rose by 1.7%, with the North West of England being the fastest rising region at 4.6%.

In Scotland however prices rose by 1.4% in September alone to average at £177,960.

The index suggested a lack of supply is to blame for pushing Scottish house price growth up faster than the rest of the UK.

Christine Campbell, Your Move’s managing director in Scotland, said: “The strength of the market in Scotland is impressive and, with property still relatively affordable and the economy still growing, it could have some way yet to run.”

Only three of the 32 local authority areas in Scotland have seen price falls over the 12 months ending September 2017: Angus (down 2.6%), Aberdeenshire (down 0.6%) and West Dunbartonshire (down 0.3%).

In contrast, many of the remaining 29 areas have seen strong growth, led by Stirling (up 17.4% annually, and setting a new peak average price in the month), the Scottish borders (up 11%, and also setting a new peak), and Clackmannanshire (up 10.1%).

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